The Wall Street Journal recently published an article, “5 Reasons to Drink Better Wine.”

It is difficult to limit it to that few a reasons.  While what makes a “better wine” is a matter of personal choice, there is no doubt that it is enjoyed more at one of the many great wineries, wine bars, wine clubs, or wine events around the world.  At those, the entire venue is focused on creating surroundings that are ideal for enjoying wine.

There are certainly no shortages of these in North America.  Every state in the United States has a winery.  North of the border and south of the border, there are many delightful wineries that not only have wonderful products, but are well worth a visit.  The same is true for the many outstanding wine bars that can be found around the world.

Wine events are also well worth the effort.  In recent years, there has been more of a pairing of related activities.  There are now events that pair wine and music…a nice step up from food groups.  This will only continue as more and more not only come to enjoy wine, but realize the synergy that results from pouring it along with an added feature.

While there are certainly wine snobs, like the song says, “I may be a fool, but a know what I like.”  The wine you enjoy responsibly is your own business.  But there is an entire global industry registering sales in the billions that has been created to help you savor your favorite label in the most stimulating environment possible.  There are certainly more than just five reasons to enjoy a nearby winery, wine bar, wine club, or wine event.  It does not have to be close, either, as these all make for a great vacation, weekend getaway, or day trip.