Charis Winery is the only one of its kind in Cumberland, Maryland.




What makes it special and the visit well worth the trip is that Charis Winery is unique as its owner Chuck Parks conducts the tasting.  That makes a peerless wine tasting experience due to how enlightening and comprehensive it is.  Krista Costanza and her mother can attest to that as they were fortunate enough to revel in the tasting experience on an afternoon visit.




Krista and her mother came into Cumberland from Pennsylvania for the tastings of reds and whites.  Chuck was even gracious enough to let them sample some that are not yet available to the public.   After sampling a few, Krista wanted to know more about the award winning wines, which Chuck detailed for her and her mother.




With medical school in her future, Krista naturally had an interest in the art and science of creating wines.  Absorbing the bouquet of the first wine to lead off the tasting, a dry Catawba, stimulated all of Krista’s senses for what was to follow.




Which was fortuitous as the next label in the tasting was the Xanior blend, described by Krista as “full of aroma.”   Following that was a Pinot Gris, with a touch of cranberry, ideal for the holiday season.  There were a variety of sweet wines, including a triple berry red that was delightful. What should have everyone excited about next year is the availability of the “Chance of Chocolate,” which will be coming out in about 6-8 months.




The special tasting of it that Krista received was worthy of a toast in itself!





Even though they had to head back to Pennsylvania, by the look on Krista’s face, there will be many return trips to Charis Winery in the future!