Darien, Georgia is one of those lovely coastal Southern towns that brings so much charm to the region.  Making the scenery even more compelling was local model Clarissa Wahler strolling the cobblestone streets of its historic downtown with a glass of Pinot Grigio from the Waterfront Wine and Gourmet Shop, a perfect choice for enjoying the delights of a brilliant summer afternoon on the water in a charming coastal setting.





Located in the historic district of downtown Darien, the Waterfront Wine and Gourmet offers much to those making their way or living the joys of waterfront life in Darien.




It hosts monthly wine tastings that are well worth the trip.  The Waterfront Wine & Gourmet Shop also works with Captain Phillip for the Darien River Wine and Eco Cruise: an event not to be missed for those who seek to embrace the coastal beauty of Georgia!  The cruise is an unbeatable combination for those who love fine wine and inspiring scenery!





The beauty of the Darien waterfront was enhanced with Ms. Waher taking in the vista:




As were the streets of downtown Darien with Spanish Moss hanging overhead and palm trees abounding:





Who could resist an establishment with this beckoning at its entrance?






Like Savannah, Charleston, Beaufort, and other Southern cities on the coast, Darien makes the passage along the Atlantic Seaboard well worth the journey.  As other posts of Wine & Spirits Watch have detailed, there is a vibrant fine wine and dining scene across America. Darien adds to that list of those to put into the GPS as an ever-alluring welcoming committee awaits, glass in hand!