Wine and its waterfront setting make a trip to Annapolis, Maryland a breathtaking experience.





Flying into Annapolis from Pittsburgh, it appears as small little islands surrounded by water as the plane descends. There are bridges, railroad tracks, buildings, and a panoramic view of the Chesapeake Bay. It is a beautiful view, leading up in a fitting manner to the charm and quaintness that awaits on the cobblestone streets of the city first settled in  1649 that later served as a temporary capital of the United States.




Traveling into the city, I got the chance to see the state house, as Annapolis is the capital of Maryland; as well as, the 18th century colonial-era buildings. The town was very clean, peaceful, fun and the environment was friendly. Many individuals even brought pets near the Market Store. You also can see the passion individuals had for sailing; as well as, for the City and its enchanting docks.



The Chesapeake Bay shoreline enhances the charm and appeal of Annapolis. Walking the docks, I felt the current of the tides from the wind. So many sail boats were lined up against the dock, with ducks and geese on top of the boats and throughout the air, too. The Race across America organization, was located next to the City dock. Race across America is a platform, which raises money for charitable causes. It contains 60-120 mile rides and 200-400 mile bicycle races. A local radio station and events was also near this organization.  Thirsty from all of the walking, I headed of to the Federal House Bar and Grille, in the historic district.



The Federal House Bar and Grille is located on 22 Market Space, across the street from the Market.   The Federal House Bar and Grille has over 24 wines. The Oyster Bay Sauvignon Bay- New Zealand White wine proved to be the right choice.  On the menu the wine was described as Crisp, Lively and Tropical.


oyster baydownload



It proved to be that and more, as the wine was refreshing and delicious.




The Oyster Bay white paired very well with the dishes without leaving an aftertaste.  The Federal House Crab Dip was made with back fin crab, premium cheese, salsa and spices. The dip was served with plain and colored tortilla chips. The Crab-Stuffed Flounder. The dish was an eight-ounce fillet stuffed with over three ounces of imperial crab meat. It was served with rice pilaf and broccoli. I added some of the crab dip to the Crab-Stuffed Flounder and it was the best meal I ever ate.   After eating, we also checked out Red Red Wine Bar, which contained 46 wines by the glass and the bar had over 120 bottles of wine.


Going past the Historic Annapolis Museum, I learned a great depth of history of the port city. Visiting the United States Naval Academy was even more inspiring.  Annapolis is one of the most alluring cities that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.  The wine scene there makes the trip even more compelling!