Coastlines, by their very nature are alluring.

Carving out a wine trail down a coastline is a thing of beauty.  Doing it on the Atlantic Coast from Maine to Miami is a classic labor of love.  In the middle of winter there is no better place to start than the middle of the coastline in South Carolina.

The Carolina coastline is dotted by many beautiful cities such as New Bern, Wilmington, and Charleston that call out to a broad, diverse group. Charleston is considered to be one of the great “foodie” capitals, the subject of previous pieces on this site.  Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head, while not having the same appeal as  Charleston, have much to offer, too.

South Carolina natives such as Lindsay and Melissa are part of the draw!




Melissa and Lindsay were outside of Myrtle Beach.  The day was definitely not beach weather, by any stretch of the imagination.  But it was perfect for any number of wines.  And while there was no snow on the ground, the spirit of the season did beckon!




What is also calling out is the full calendar wine events for 2015 for the Carolina Coast.

The Parsons Table is highly rated by Wine Spectator.  The Brentwood Inn has a full array of monthly wine dinners for 2015, which will be covered by this site.  Previous ones were covered in Beaufort, as just one example, a bit further down the coast. When the weather gets warmer, we will work our way from Annapolis (again) on up to Maine, leaving behind a swath of empty wine bottles and taking with us a greater appreciation for the wine community along the Atlantic Coast!

So don’t keep Melissa and Lindsay waiting!


If you are the type that needs a special invitation, then March 2015 starts off with the following events:

*Hilton Head Wine Festival;

*the BB&T Charleston Wine Festival; and

*the Wilmington Wine and Food Festival.