Chicago is known for having great restaurants…and also great wine stores such as Paired Wine Co. in the Lake View neighborhood.  What makes Paired Wine Co., and Lake View, special is the Tuesday and Thursday night wine tastings.   All are welcome to the cozy, intimate affair at the corner of Buckingham and Halstead.



We were lucky enough to run into Chicago model Jenna B at this Thursday’s tasting.  Featured were the wines from The Original Wine Company.




Run by a Lake View native, Tracey Lewis Liang, The Original Wine Company brought six labels from France, Italy, and Spain to be sampled.   She built her entire career in the Chicago fine wine trade across wholesale, restaurants and retail.  The Original Wine Company is the culmination of years of buying, selling, traveling, learning, teaching and loving wine. A Syrah from Sicily’s Sallier de la Tour was particularly enjoyed by Jenna, as that is her heritage.




An Pierrevert Blanc from Domaine La Blaque  in Provence was also enjoyed, even though it was a chilly November night in Chicago.




Checking around the store, Jenna found more than one thousand different labels in this neighborhood gem with attentive and helpful staff assisting her with a selection.



Paired Wine Co. makes an effort to bring a wide variety of labels for its neighbors in the Lake View community.  There is not only a striking selection from around the world, but also an assortment of wines from Midwestern wineries.  It is the intent of Paired Wine Co. to bring the best that the world of wines has to offer to its loyal patrons in a very affordable range of prices.

Open since February 14, 2013, Paired Wine Co. has already firmly established itself as a fixture in Lake View.  As you can tell by Jenna’s smile, it is winning over even more loyal clientele with its Tuesday and Thursday night tastings of the finest that the world of wine has to offer those fortunate enough to live nearby in Chicago!